Train travel is gaining more and more traction with all of us as an alternative form of travel - maybe it's because we are becoming more environmentally conscious, or maybe it's because we are discovering all the good possibilities by choosing trains as an alternative form of travel and mode of transport. We at Cruise Inspiration also love to see and experience different regions of the world by train. Simply because we move much of what we love about cruises, ashore. Here, the fascinating surroundings and landscapes also constantly change on the journey!

Before long, you will find several different train travel suggestions around the world here on the website. However, you are more than welcome to contact us right now about your specific train travel wishes, which we tailor entirely to your own preferences - and preferably in combination with a deluxe cruise one or more of our other forms of travel.

When the transport becomes part of the experience

Often, transportation is associated with something that just needs to be overcome. The long flights are rarely popular, and the trips by car on the winding roads are the sure recipe for a good deal of motion sickness. But on train journeys, transportation becomes part of the experience as you pass through the countryside and cities.

Why should I travel by train?

On a train journey, you can travel both slowly and quickly depending on the type of train journey you choose. In other words, you get it all! It's about exploring, discovering and becoming wiser about history and culture - both at a destination, but also along the way. At the same time, train travel is becoming more and more popular as we become more enlightened and aware of the climate. So you are both environmentally conscious and curious? Then a train journey arranged by Cruise Inspiration is the perfect choice for you.

The most beautiful train routes in the world

  1. Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico

Here you will experience some of Mexico's most incredible landscapes, while getting a good look at the culture as you pass the people who live and work along the railroad. The trip passes i.a. 87 tunnels and crosses 37 bridges on the road. The train journey ends in the sumptuous Copper Canyon.

  1. Rocky Mountaineer in Canada

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  1. Rovos Rail in Africa

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  1. West Highland Line in Scotland

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Then this is the train ride for you. This is the train route that has been used time and time again in the popular Harry Potter films. The steam train ensures just the right atmosphere when you pass the green landscapes and the Glenfinnan viaduct.

  1. Kandy-Ella in Sri Lanka

Here you will be greeted by breathtaking nature when the train takes off on one of the world's best-preserved Victorian railways. Rolling grasslands, beautiful tea plantations and stunning waterfalls are just a small selection of the experiences you will have on the road.

  1. Tranzalpine in New Zealand

Come through the Southern Alps with a landscape dominated by river valleys and snow-capped mountain peaks, which makes the train route one of the world's most scenic. The route passes through an advanced system of tunnels and viaducts.

Luxury Travel with Cruise Inspiration

A train journey can both be quite impractical among the locals, who also travel from A to B. But you can also choose more luxurious train journeys if it's more you. Contact us today and let us guide you to the perfect train journey.


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