Have you never tried a river cruise before? Then it's definitely time! If you ask us, a river cruise is an adventurous and magical way to experience the world. At Cruise Inspiration you can get on your next dream river cruise, where all kinds of experiences are in line.

You decide for yourself how active you want to be during your stay on a river cruise. The good thing about river cruises is that the ships' excursions are always included in the total price. You are free to choose to participate or just go ashore on your own. The excursions are organized in small groups, so that everyone gets a really good benefit from the various excursions.

River cruise or cruise at sea?

A river cruise differs first and foremost from a cruise at sea in that you usually have land on both sides of the ship. On a river cruise, the landscape changes constantly, and you have the opportunity to follow daily life along the riverbanks, while the ship quietly sails past or lies at the quay.

On a river cruise, you also arrive at both large and small urban communities every day, and the ships stay from time to time at the quay overnight, so you can go out and experience the destination in the evening.

Get really close to life on the riverbank

There is plenty to see and experience along the riverbank on the beautiful rivers around the world. Here is some inspiration for you:

  • Try e.g. a river cruise on the Rhône river in France, and discover wine districts, ancient medieval towns and artistic monuments.
  • Take a river cruise on Vietnam's beautiful Red River Delta and Halong Bay, where you will experience both the adventurous bay and small village communities along the river on your way.
  • Sail on river cruises on the iconic canals through Holland and Belgium. A spring trip offers tulips in full bloom and charming views of windmills and medieval towns.
  • Enjoy an eventful river cruise on the Rhine and Moselle rivers, where the idyllic and beautiful nature, culture and history are paramount.
  • Take in the Danube river which offers charming medieval towns, romantic natural landscapes, exciting wine districts and good beer!

Explore the most beautiful rivers in the world

Maybe you have tried to stand on land with a view of the beautiful rivers and see how the ships calmly sail past. Perhaps in this connection you have often dreamed of reversing the situation and instead considering the river banks from one of the passing ships yourself? A river cruise gives you ample opportunity to explore the most beautiful rivers, and see the cities along the riverbank from a whole new perspective.

Experience the adventurous atmosphere of a luxury river cruise

A river cruise simply contributes to a very special atmosphere that you do not get with other forms of travel. Here you can combine cultural and historical experiences with views of old villages, cultural activities and sumptuous nature - all while enjoying a dinner from the restaurant or snaking on the ship's sun deck.

You will come home with a lot of new experiences and memories in the mental backpack, while at the same time you will be recharged after pampering from the ship's crew, who have done everything to give you a comfortable journey. Contact us today so we can discuss your next river cruise together.


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