Seeing the world on a cruise opens up completely new possibilities for experiences both at sea and on land! You have definitely seen the giant cruise ships, which shield from both sun and sky when they are in port. But that's not the kind of cruise we offer here at Cruise Inspiration. Instead of the very large cruise ships, we focus exclusively on the smaller and far more environmentally friendly deluxe cruise ships, which are without a doubt one of the most ultimate forms of travel available in our time.

Here you get a cornucopia of experiences with home in the mental baggage. Experiences and impressions from all over the world that simply burn into the retina as eternal memories, no matter where you choose to go on a cruise.

There are cruise tours for everyone

A cruise is not reserved for anyone over others. There is a cruise for everyone, regardless of whether you are single, family or a couple, and what budget you have.  

Maybe you're one of those people who is a little skeptical about cruises? Those big, floating hotels, where you always move around in large groups, and there is no opportunity for the great culinary experiences. But that's not exactly the case with Cruise Inspiration.

Here, as mentioned, we specialize in smaller cruise ships, which also sail to a much greater extent to the smaller and charming ports. Many places in the world are just best experienced by water - Cruise Inspiration advises you all the way and takes you on your next cruise adventure.

What does it cost to go on a cruise?

Just as the prices vary depending on which destination you fly to, the prices also vary depending on where you are going on a cruise to the world. At the same time, both season and shipping company can affect the price. At Cruise Inspiration, we offer cruises on deluxe ships, which means that there is a certain level of service on board to make your cruise experience optimal and unforgettable.

Still, there is ample opportunity to take on a cruise that suits most people’s finances. One thing we can guarantee is that no matter which cruise you choose, you will have an absolutely fantastic experience!

Under each of our favorite shipping companies you can read much more about what you get included in the price. And under our selected cruise examples, you can read more about how the cruise will go. These cruise examples help to give you extra inspiration and at the same time make you wiser on your final choice of cruise.

3 good reasons to go on a cruise

  1. No need to worry about transportation

On a cruise, you wake up to changing views and destinations. Here there is nothing to keep track of various trains and airline tickets.

  1. You move without having to repack

When traveling from one destination to another, there is always a lot to unpack and unpack again. On a cruise, you must at most pack a small bag for the day's experiences on land - your accommodation in the form of a cabin / stateroom or suite remains the same.

  1. You know the prices in advance

A deluxe cruise is a package solution that includes accommodation, dinners, drinks and entertainment. And more and more of our shipping companies have now also started to include their exciting excursions at every destination. This means that what you pay for extra costs on board is minimal (if at all).

Exciting opportunities for luxury cruises at Cruise Inspiration

So there is plenty of opportunity to get on a wonderful deluxe cruise with Cruise Inspiration. But we warn you. It is highly addictive to choose to go on a cruise! For you who have never been on a cruise with the smaller deluxe cruise ships before, we can therefore almost guarantee you that you will become addicted to this wonderful form of travel.


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