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Introduction to the SeaDream Yacht Club

At SeaDream Yacht Club, their slogan is as follows: "It's yachting, not cruising - Enjoy the difference". And once you've been on board their yachts, you know exactly what they're talking about! Yes, you can hardly wait to get on your next SeaDream Yacht Club vacation :-) And there are several reasons for this.

Each of SeaDream Yacht Club's two elegant ships accommodates just up to 112 guests, who are fortunate enough to be pampered by almost the same number of staff on board (exactly 95 employees per yacht). The video below gives you a really good idea of ​​the SeaDream Yacht Club concept.

However, it's not just the perfect size and fantastic service of the SeaDream Yacht Club's ships that makes SeaDream have a high percentage of guests returning again and again. It is simply the wonderful relaxing lifestyle on board that causes many to choose only the SeaDream Yacht Club when they go out and sail and experience the wonderful destinations that SeaDream offers their guests on their various sailing routes year round. 

Because of the perfect size of the ships, they often call many smaller ports, which the larger ships cannot call. And that's why you feel like you have the places to themselves.

The SeaDream Yacht Club offers both a selection of wonderful and often lesser known destinations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, as well as the option of sailing across the Atlantic at the end or the beginning of the summer season.

You get always the following included in the price with our shipping company SeaDream Yacht Club:

  • All meals
  • House wine and beer
  • Champagne
  • Drinks and cocktails
  • Beverages without alcohol
  • Drink money for the crew
  • Daily Yoga and Tai Chi on the deck
  • Fitness Center
  • Water sports facilities such as. kayaks and water skiing
  • Bicycles for free use on land
  • Golf Simulator
  • Wi-Fi
  • Shuttle bus service in relevant ports
  • port Taxes

In other words, as a guest aboard SeaDream's ships, don't worry about an extra high bill at the end of your cruise.

Read more about SeaDream Yacht Club here


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