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Who are we

Cruise Inspiration are specialists in deluxe travel on smaller deluxe cruise ships as well as tailor-made deluxe travel on land. With 27 years of experience in the cruise and travel industry, the founder and owner, Monika Ernst, is therefore your guarantee that you will have a safe and individually adapted holiday with us beyond the usual.

Our travels

At Cruise Inspiration you do not 'just' get inspiration to sail around the world on board the cozy and smaller deluxe ships. You also get lots of inspiration for your tailor-made deluxe trips by land, combination trips and group trips. Whatever form of travel you choose, quality is always paramount.

With respect for sustainability and local workplaces, our travels are developed in close collaboration with our competent local agents.

It is all about you

Whatever form of travel you choose, Cruise Inspiration offers plenty of flexibility, security and safety every time. With our personal advice, we put you in focus and always tailor your deluxe journey completely to your own wishes and needs.

Break your travel habits

Experiencing one or more of the world's seven continents by waterway can be highly addictive. Because if you have only been on a deluxe cruise once, then you can hardly wait for your next cruise.


In your busy day, we can also offer customer visits to your home, in your company, or arrange a meeting in the city of your choice.

Here on our website we share a lot of inspiration, knowledge, facts and good advice with you. And if you have any questions, we are ready by email and phone to help you.

Who is behind Cruise Inspiration?

Cruise Inspiration ApS was founded in 2017 by owner Monika Ernst, and we are a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund with no. 2844.

With 27 years in the cruise and travel industry, the founder and owner of Cruise Inspiration, Monika Ernst, has solid experience in product development and composing travel programs for water and land almost all over the world.

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Monika Ernst also has many years of experience as a Destination Manager / Voyage Leader with international cruise lines such as Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard Line and Windstar Cruises. There she had the main responsibility for all activities ashore. She has personally visited most countries and destinations around the world with the ships repeatedly.

In addition, Monika Ernst has been on many inspection trips in Southeast Asia - including in Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia; but also in i.a. French Polynesia, Canada, Alaska, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and of course in Europe.

A little from Monika - founder and owner of Cruise Inspiration:

I am simply constantly in love with our amazing planet, and I share the same philosophy as HC Andersen: 'To Travel Is To Live' 🙂

I started my career in the travel industry as a tour guide back in 1995. Subsequently, I continued as a destination manager in countries such as. Tunisia and Greece. However, I still had a burning desire to see and experience the WHOLE world. And the best way to live out that dream is without a doubt by water. This applies regardless of whether you work in the cruise industry or go on a cruise as a private person. So what I thought was just about a year of career work at sea aboard the smaller deluxe cruise ships, was instead a total of 16 years at sea - most of the years as Destination Manager.

Whether sailing as a staff or as a guest aboard the charming smaller boutique style cruise ships / river cruise ships, most people quickly become addicted to sailing around and experiencing the world once they have tried it!

For example, one of the many benefits is that you do not have to unpack and pack together when traveling from one destination to the next.

You also live in lovely staterooms / suites on board, which can best be described as floating hotel rooms with changing beautiful views every day 🙂 And another equally important advantage is that the smaller boutique style ships also call at many more smaller ports than the mega cruise ships . The smaller boutique style ships are also often in port for much longer, unlike the large cruise ships, which are usually only in their selected ports for 5-7 hours. In other words, smaller boutique style ships mean far greater experiences for you!

Based on my and Cruise Inspiration's solid experience and our constant passion for the world, we will be happy to share our knowledge and arrange your tailor-made trips from start to finish 🙂

Many warm greetings
Monika Ernst
Founder and Proprietor of Cruise Inspiration ApS

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