When purchasing a single service, e.g. a flight ticket without accommodation, Cruise Inspiration acts exclusively as an intermediary for the transport company / companies in question and only receives payment for purchased airline tickets on behalf of the airline. The airline is the travel's contracting party, and is responsible for the correct implementation of the transport agreement. The airline's terms regulate the contractual relationship and applicable terms can be found at any time on the airline's website. As Cruise Inspiration is the sole intermediary of the transport service, the agency is consequently not responsible for the airline's bankruptcy as well as for delays, cancellations or non-fulfillment of the transport agreement entered into between the traveler and the airline.


The following conditions apply to package tours purchased after July 1, 2018 and govern the contractual relationship between Cruise Inspiration (the tour operator) and the traveler. The agreement is concluded and implemented in accordance with the Package Travel Act (Act No. 1666 of 26/12/17). When purchasing travel you have a duty to read and possibly. print all relevant travel documents, including these conditions.


Cruise Inspiration, CVR 38754874. Member of the Travel Guarantee Fund with No. 2844.


1.1 Contract conclusion and binding

An agreement to purchase a package tour is entered into when the offer is accepted by the traveler and payment is made. Beforehand, the traveler has received and read the general conditions of travel. It is a prerequisite that the travel services that together will constitute a package trip are purchased at the same time. The agreement is binding on both parties when all or part of the payment is received on time. Deposit can be more than 30% depending on which products are ordered and when they are ordered in relation to the departure date. Upon payment, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the agreement basis and accepted the applicable terms and conditions.

1.2 Travel documents

After the conclusion of the agreement, an order confirmation will be sent, from which the payment deadline will appear. When final payment has been received, tickets etc. will be sent so that they arrive no later than 14 days before departure. Shipping is to the postal or e-mail address provided when ordering. The traveler has a duty to, upon receipt, review the submitted travel documents and immediately contact Cruise Inspiration if the information is not in accordance with what has been agreed.

1.3 Language

Travel documents are submitted in Danish and English, respectively. Some parts are only available in English, including tickets / e-tickets, shipping conditions, day-to-day programs, etc.

Excursions, transportation, sightseeing and the like are conducted in English by local guide unless specifically stated in your travel documents.


2.1 Price

The total price of the trip appears from the order confirmation as a so-called "total price", which means that it includes all mandatory taxes, fees and possibly surcharges related to the services purchased. At the destinations, local charges may apply, which it is not possible to charge at the conclusion of the agreement, as these relate directly to local rules / fees or to the consumption of additional services in addition to what is stated in the agreement.

2.2 Payment

Deadline for payment of any deposit will be stated in the order confirmation. Deadline for final payment is no later than 90 days before departure, unless otherwise stated. If the agreement is breached in respect of all or part of the payment, Cruise Inspiration has the right to cancel the agreement. In such cases, Cruise Inspiration is entitled to payment of the amount that the traveler would lose in accordance with the rules in section 6.2, if the traveler canceled the trip on the day of the non-payment.


3.1 Cancellation insurance

Cruise Inspiration provides information about the possibility or obligation to take out a cancellation insurance that covers the traveler's expenses if participation in the trip is made impossible due to acute illness or injury to the traveler himself or a close family member. A cancellation insurance must always be taken out when booking the trip and covers up to the departure date. Should you make use of the insurance, cancellation must be notified to Cruise Inspiration in writing before commencing travel. It is assumed that a medical certificate is submitted for documentation no later than 1 week after cancellation. If this is not submitted, or is due to cancellation for other reasons, the normal cancellation rules come into force, cf. section 6.2.

3.2 Travel insurance

Cruise Inspiration provides information about the possibility or obligation to take out travel insurance. Without travel insurance, the traveler bears costs during the trip in the event of an accident, illness, hospitalization, repatriation, etc. For cruise travel, it is a requirement from the shipping company that you have a travel insurance. If you have a chronic or known disorder, you must apply medical precautions at the insurance company to be guaranteed cover on the trip.


4.1 Passports, visas and vaccinations, etc.

Travelers must be in possession of a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity at the end of the trip as well as the documents necessary for the completion of the trip, including visas and proof of any. required vaccinations - also for possible accompanying children. Always have blank pages for stamps in your passport as you may be rejected if this is not the case. Also, be aware that there are countries that do not accept entry if you have Israeli stamps or visas in your passport.

In connection with the conclusion of the agreement, Cruise Inspiration will inform you. visa and vaccination requirements as well as other documents and conditions necessary for the journey's completion. Always check notes on your travel documents and ask your travel consultant if you have any doubts. All information on passports and visa requirements is based on the rules for Danish citizens. If you do not have a Danish passport, or do you have dual citizenship, you must notify Cruise Inspiration when ordering. This in order to provide proper advice, including referral to relevant authorities. See in this connection, among other things. www.um.dk og www.ssi.dk.

If you fail to disclose this, Cruise Inspiration assumes no responsibility for the consequences, as may be required. missing visas, vaccines and the like. had to cause.

4.2 Children / young people under 18 years traveling without parents

If your child under the age of 18 is to travel abroad alone, or travel with grandparents, other adults, school and the like, for example, you must be aware that many countries require a written declaration of consent from both parents. If the papers are not in order, the child may be denied entry or exit. Information on what documentation is required can be obtained by contacting the consulate or embassy of the country in question. In particularly extreme cases, there are countries, eg South Africa, which require young people under the age of 18, in addition to parental consent, to bring their own birth certificate and death certificate if one or both parents have passed away. A declaration of consent must appear in English and should at least include: The purpose of the trip and a copy of the itinerary, name and telephone number of the adult responsible for the trip, signature from at least one parent (preferably both). For more information, please refer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

4.3 Persons with reduced mobility and / or persons in need of any assistance

Before purchasing a trip, you are required to provide information about conditions that may / may require special assistance or consideration for the completion of the journey. For example, it may be due to illness, pregnancy, impaired vision or, if you are in a bad walking, sitting in a wheelchair or otherwise impaired. Before the agreement, the traveler may request Cruise Inspiration to provide information about the suitability of the journey in relation to the traveler's needs. It is a prerequisite for such a request that the traveler disclose all necessary and relevant information about the individual's needs.

4.4 Names of travel documents

The traveler is responsible for the names shown in his travel documents being identical to the full name shown by the traveler's passport. However, in international reservation systems, Æ, Ø, Å does not exist, so it will appear as AE, OE and AA. In case of inconsistency between travel documents and passports, the traveler must immediately notify this to Cruise Inspiration, which will attempt to correct the error. Due to the discrepancy of the traveler's relationship, costs associated with this will be borne by this. If changes are not possible, the traveler can not hold Cruise Inspiration responsibly.

4.5 Especially regarding. Travel to the USA

Entry into the United States requires prior approval through ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). This also applies if you simply stop over by plane or dock with a cruise that goes via US territory. You can apply for ESTA from this official website. The price is approx. 15 USD pr. person. Application should be made well in advance and no later than 14 days before departure. Bring a copy of the ESTA approval on the trip, as it must be able to be presented at the immigration control.

IMPORTANT: Have you visited Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan or Yemen after 1. March 2011 required visa to the United States. For more information on admission rules, please refer to the US Embassy on tel. 89887555 or mail: support-danmark@ustraveldocs.com.

4.6 Timely attendance

In cases where you can not reach the requested travel time in good time, please contact the relevant supplier and inform you of the future attendance. If you do not get a satisfactory solution with the supplier, contact Cruise Inspiration. In case of failure to contact. The supplier and / or Cruise Inspiration will be canceled by the supplier and you will not be able to use the service or receive the refund for the refund.

If airline tickets are part of the package tour, these must be used in the correct order. If not, the carrier will cancel the remaining routes. You can therefore not only use individual routes in a flight ticket, such as eg only one journey home.

4.7 Check-in times fly

Check-in times vary depending on airline and airport. Check-in must normally be completed 2 hours prior to departure within Europe. However, there is no guarantee and in general you should check the check-in times and requirements on the airline's website. It is the traveler's own responsibility to meet up to check-in in time. You should therefore take into account traffic conditions and possibly. long queues at passports and security checks - especially in high season. You can check in online at home or use the check-in vending machines found in many airports.

4.8 Times in itinerary and tickets

The times listed in the itinerary are always local times. After issuing tickets, etc., it is not uncommon for changes to occur that are beyond Cruise Inspiration's control. As a traveler, you have a duty to keep up to date on departure times and departure points for the included means of transport. Seek information from the airline, shipping company, hotel, local representative or via the internet, and always keep a close eye on last minute changes via screens in air and ship ports. Terminal, gate and time changes take place regularly, and the itinerary must therefore to a certain extent be considered as indicative. Listed destinations on a cruise trip are also indicative, and can be changed and / or canceled at any time, if the shipping company deems it necessary due to weather conditions or the safety of the guests.

4.9 Luggage

The airlines determine how much luggage you are allowed to carry. Traveling with different companies, be aware of varying baggage rules. On one stretch 23 kg may be allowed, while on another only 20 kg. In the USA, a fee is often charged for travel from the mainland to islands if more than 1 piece is registered. luggage. There are also ticket types where luggage is not included at all, but must be purchased. The allowed luggage will always appear on your flight ticket and / or itinerary. All luggage must comply with specific measurements / weight and hand luggage must not contain sharp objects. Liquids may only be carried to a limited extent and must be able to be presented in a clear plastic bag at the security checkpoint. read more on www.cph.dk.

Should you lose your luggage during a flight, before leaving the airport luggage area, report the damage to the airline or its handling agent and fill in a so-called Property Irregularity Report (PIR) report. Save a copy of the report as documentation. If you leave the baggage area without a PIR report, you will not be able to claim any claim to airline, handling agent or cruise inspire later. If you have a travel insurance, you can contact your insurance company, if any. cover your expenses.

4.10 Rules of order

As a traveler, you must comply with the rules of the law that apply to all package travel subcontractors such as hotels, airports, transportation, etc. You should always act in such a way that fellow travelers do not feel annoyed. In rough or repeated cases, an inappropriate appearance may lead to expulsion from further participation in the journey. In such cases you are responsible for your own home transport and expenses as a result. In case of expulsion you are not entitled to any refund of the package price.

Cruise Inspiration is not responsible for public authority, including, but not limited to, police action against the traveler in connection with inappropriate conduct. In such situations, the traveler is responsible for the expenses incurred by this person. may be inflicted, as the traveler can not claim against Cruise Inspiration, nor will it be entitled to repayment of the package ticket price.

4.11 Pandemic
At the conclusion of the agreement, information is provided on current entry rules unless the trip is further out in the future. It is the traveler's responsibility at all times to meet necessary entry requirements, including being in possession of required documents. In connection with a pandemic, eg Covid-19, this may involve PCR testing, Coronapas, vaccination certificate etc. Cruise Inspiration cannot be held liable if after the conclusion of the agreement special pandemic related entry requirements are introduced before or during the trip to the destination. In these cases, the traveler does not have the right to cancel the purchase or cancel free of charge. If the traveler does not wish to complete the trip in such situations, the general cancellation policy will apply.

4.12 Non-compliance

If the traveler does not comply with the requirements for passports, visas, other entry documents, health formalities, stating the correct name of the travel documents and reviewing them, the rules for timely attendance, check-in and rules of order, the traveler can not make claims, either against Cruise Inspiration or the subcontractor for the package tour for the consequences, deficiencies, inconveniences or losses that the non-compliance with the traveler's general duties entails.


5.1 Transfer of the package tour

In principle, you have the right to transfer a trip to another person for a fee. Due. however, it is not always possible to assign the trip to subcontractors' restrictions and terms, which is why there may be a cancellation, cf. section 6.2, for subsequent booking of a new trip to a new person. If you wish to transfer a trip, you must contact Cruise Inspiration in writing no later than 7 days before the journey begins. Transfer can only be made if the person to whom the package tour is transferred meets the necessary conditions for the travel, as stated in the agreement, including passports, visas and health requirements.

5.2 The traveler's changes to the package tour

If you want to make changes to your trip, contact Cruise Inspiration immediately. If changes are not made that can not be met in the existing agreement, the change if the wish to change the package travel is considered to be a cancellation of the package trip, cf. Section 6.2, and a new order.

5.3. The tour operator's changes to package travel
5.3.1. Insignificant changes

Cruise Inspiration is entitled to make non-essential changes in package travel without the consent of the traveler prior to the commencement of the package tour. The traveler is required to accept such changes, if Cruise Inspiration before the commencement of package travel, and without undue delay, clearly informs the traveler of the changes concerned.

5.3.2 Other changes

If Cruise Inspiration before the start of the package either

  • makes significant changes to the package journey
  • are unable to provide specific services requested by the traveler and which the tour operator has agreed to provide
  • raises the cost of travel by more than 8%

does the traveler have the following rights:

  • the traveler can cancel the deal and get a refund of the amount paid in accordance with the trip
  • if Cruise Inspiration offers it, the traveler can take part in a replacement trip

Cruise Inspiration is required to contact the traveler and provide information about the significant changes, as well as which one. importance they may have for the package travel price. Cruise Inspiration, in its request, sets a reasonable period for when the traveler is to inform about his decision and also states that the consequence of not complying with this deadline implies that the traveler is deemed to have accepted changes covered by subparagraph 5.3.2 The traveler may in certain situations be entitled to compensation if there is a small economic loss due to the above significant changes, unless the reason for this is due to inevitable and exceptional circumstances.


6.1 Right of withdrawal

When purchasing package travel, no right of withdrawal applies, cf. the Consumer Contracts Act, section 18, subsection 2, no. 1 and section 7, subsection 2 no. 5, which excludes passenger transport from the scope of the Consumer Contracts Act.

6.2. Cancellation of the package trip
6.2.1 Normal Cancellation Terms

The traveler can cancel the package trip before its start according to the following conditions:

Cancellation more than 90 days before departure: The cancellation fee corresponds to the amount paid at the time of cancellation. In most cases, this will be a deposit, but can also be the full price of the trip, depending on the product ordered and the subcontractor's conditions for this.

Cancellation from 90 to 30 days before departure: The cancellation fee corresponds to 50% of the total price of the trip and / or the subcontractor's conditions for this. However, except in cases where an increased deposit of more than 50% has been paid when ordering. In these cases, the cancellation fee corresponds to this higher amount. If the trip is paid in full already at the time of booking, the cancellation fee corresponds to the full price of the trip.

Cancellation less than 30 days before departure: The cancellation fee is in any case 100%.

The above conditions apply unless other conditions are submitted with the order confirmation.

6.2.2. Cancellation in case of wars etc.

You can cancel a package trip before its commencement without paying a fee if at the travel destination or in the immediate vicinity there are unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances that significantly affect the delivery of the package trip or the carriage of passengers to the destination. In order to cancel without charge, the circumstances in question must, on the basis of an objective assessment, make it impossible to travel safely to the destination, eg on the basis of instructions or opinions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, health authorities, etc. See www.um.dk og www.ssi.dk.

In the event of a fee-free cancellation, you are entitled to a full refund of the travel price, but you are not entitled to further compensation from Cruise Inspiration. However, the fee-free cancellation right does not apply if you knew or ought to know the event in question at the conclusion of the agreement or the event was otherwise well known. If you cannot cancel free of charge in accordance with the above, the general cancellation policy, cf. section 6.2.

For round trips, travelers only have the right to cancel the part of the package trip that takes place in the area not recommended. However, if this part of the package is a significant part, you are entitled to cancel your trip completely.

6.3 Cancellation by the tour operator
6.3.1. Cancellation due to non-connection

If the travel is subject to a minimum number of participants, this will be stated in the tender documents or elsewhere in the contractual basis. It will also be stated when this number must be reached at the latest before the commencement of the journey. If the required number of participants is not achieved by the specified date, Cruise Inspiration may terminate the package travel agreement. Cruise Inspiration informs the traveler of the termination of the agreement before the deadline specified in the agreement, but not later than:

  • 20 days before the start of the package trip, if the duration of the trip is over 6 days,
  • 7 days before the start of the package trip if the duration of the trip is between 2-6 days, or
  • 48 hours before the start of the package trip if the duration of the trip is in 2 days
6.3.2. Cancellation due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances

Cruise Inspiration may irresponsibly terminate the agreement on a package tour if we are prevented from fulfilling the agreement due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and notify the traveler of this without undue delay and before the beginning of the package tour. In the above cancellation situations, the traveler receives the amounts paid for the trip refunded, and is not entitled to additional compensation.


If a defect is found after the start of the trip, during the journey or at the destination, the traveler must immediately after the finding complain about the defect to Cruise Inspiration, its representative at the destination or to the subcontractor to whom the defect relates. If Cruise Inspiration's representative or subcontractor is unable or unwilling to remedy, or does not remedy satisfactorily, you must immediately report Cruise Inspiration directly.

You should make sure that if complaints are noted by Cruise Inspiration's subcontractors on site - eg. through a note in a hotel book or in another written form. In addition, you should ensure that you receive a receipt for the complaint.

Failure to advertise as described above will have consequences for the right to subsequently invoke the defect and to obtain any. compensation.

Note - if you contractually sign a document during your trip, for example when renting a car, this will apply, regardless of what information may have been provided by Cruise Inspiration. In these cases, Cruise Inspiration can not be helpful with any. claims. Always check what you sign as you are responsible for it.


Airlines have direct responsibility for the correct implementation of transport following the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, EU Regulation 889 / 2002 and 261 / 2004, and the Civil Aviation Act. Cruise Inspiration restricts its liability to the currently applicable limits set forth in the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions (Air Transport), Athens Convention and EU Regulation 392 / 2009 (Maritime Transport) and the COTIF Convention and EU Regulation 1371 / 2007 (Rail Transport). Cruise Inspiration's liability can not therefore exceed the amount applicable to carriers who have direct responsibility for the carriage. The current SDR rate (XDR) is available www.nationalbanken.dk.

  The restrictions on the maximum compensation after the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions are set to:

  • In the event of death or injury to passengers: 113.100 SDR - if the carrier can prove that it has not acted negligently or acted incorrectly or if the incident is caused by the negligent or incorrect behavior of third parties.
  • In case of damage caused by the delay in passenger transport: 4.694 SDR
  • In case of damage, damage, removal or delay of baggage: 1.131 SDR

Limitations on the maximum compensation after the Athens Convention and EU Regulation 392 / 2009 are set to:

  • In the event of death or injury to passengers: 250.000 SDR to 400.000 SDR - depending on the cause of the injury and the carrier's fault
  • In case of destruction, loss or damage to hand luggage: 2.250 SDR
  • In the event of damage, loss or damage to vehicles, including luggage in or on the vehicle: 12.700 SDR carrier is liable only for damage caused by errors from dennesside
  • In case of destruction, loss or damage of baggage other than cabin and vehicle: 3.375 SDR

So-called "valuables" are not replaced by the after-laws. The limitations on the maximum compensation under the COTIF Convention and EU Regulation 1371 / 2007 are set to:

  • On passenger death and injury: 175.000 SDR
  • In case of loss or damage to items: 1.400 SDR
  • By loss of all or part of a vehicle: 8.000 SDR
  • In case of damage to items left in the vehicle: 1.400 SDR carrier is liable only for damage caused by errors from dennesside

If the carrier's responsibility is not restricted in other EU or international conventions, Cruise Inspiration limits its liability to three times the total package price of the package.


If you have bought a flight ticket (without other services) and have had a bad experience, you must complain directly to the airline. Next, you can go to The House of the Namesif you are not satisfied with the airline's decision.

If you have purchased a package trip and wish to make a claim for compensation or proportionate refusal in the price of the travel due to defects that have been advertised correctly and which have not been remedied, you must in writing and no later than 3 months submit it Requirements for Cruise Inspiration. If not, you lose the right to claim claims.


When submitting a complaint to Cruise Inspiration, you must state whether compensation or compensation has also been sought from, for example, an airline or other carrier on the basis of EU regulations on passenger rights and liability for passenger transport and in accordance with international conventions that also regulate this.

If you have received compensation and / or compensation from the carrier, Cruise Inspiration has the right to set off compensation and / or compensation, pursuant to the Package Travel and Composite Travel Package, in the compensation and / or compensation received by the carrier from the carrier.


Can agreement on a claim and / or amount etc. Not obtained by complaint about package travel for Cruise Inspiration, the complaint may be lodged for Package Travel Ankenævnet, Røjelskær 11, 3. hall, 2840 Holte.

See: www.pakkerejseankenaevnet.dk

Complaints can also be submitted online via the European Dispute Resolution Platform at:


Cruise Inspirations email address for use here: info@cruiseinspiration.com


In the event of his bankruptcy, Cruise Inspiration has provided a guarantee for reimbursement of the traveler's payments at the Travel Guarantee Fund, Røjelskær 11, 3rd floor, 2840 Holte.

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