Once you have been to French Polynesia once, you will fall in love with all these islands for the rest of your life. It's just SO beautiful, and with the atmospheric atmosphere at the same time, it's like being taken out of a dream that you do not want to wake up from.

French Polynesia (formerly known as French Oceania) is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and consists of a total of 118 islands, which have a total area of ​​4.167 km2 and which spread over a water area of ​​not less than 2.500.000 km2! Geographically, the islands are divided into five archipelagos: - The Society Islands - The Tuamotu Islands - The Marquesas Islands - The Gambier Islands - The Austral Islands The capital of all the islands is Papeete, located in Tahiti and part of the Society Islands. And it is precisely the Society Islands and also the Tuamotu Islands that we focus on here on the website.

The company islands consist of 13 islands - including the most famous islands Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. The company islands cover a land area of ​​just over 1.590 km2, and have a population of around 236.000. The Tuamotu Islands have a total land area of ​​approx. 850 km2, and spreads over a huge water area of ​​800.000 km2. The archipelago consists of 78 main atolls plus a lot of small atolls, and the total population is just approx. 15.000. The main island in the Tuamotu archipelago is Rangiroa, which surrounds the 1.640 km2 lagoon. What is so unique about atolls is that there is a lagoon in the middle, in that the former volcanoes are very slowly sinking into the sea. This turns the lagoons into amazing coral reefs filled with an absolutely incredible tropical marine life. French Polynesia is probably the closest you get to paradise itself.

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