Portugal, with its long Atlantic coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches, the Algarve coast, picturesque landscapes and the popular islands Madeira og Azorese. The melancholic fado music also plays an important role in the history and culture of Portugal.

The capital is the beautifully situated coastal city of Lisbon. The city exudes history with narrow streets and alleys in a hilly terrain, which i.a. can be experienced by tram. Lisbon is also famous for its countless fish restaurants, where you can enjoy the most famous seafood dishes.

Other charming historic towns in Portugal include i.a. Sintra and Evora with a fantastic architecture.

In addition, Portugal is a land of golf for golfers due to the many fantastically located golf courses, which are world-class in their own right.  

Also visit Portugal's port wine mecca, the city of Porto. Here you will find, among other things, the district, Cais de Gaia, with charming restaurants as well as all the famous port wine houses.

The 895 km long Douro River, surrounded by the most beautiful wine districts, originates in Spain and empties into Atlantic near Porto.

Cruise inspiration offers deluxe river cruises on the Douro River where you will have a travel experience you will never forget. The beautiful landscape along the river, the impressive vineyards and charming vineyards are visual impressions that will burn on the retina forever.

If you instead want to arrange a deluxe cruise at sea, you can experience both mainland Portugal, the island of Madeira and / or the archipelago of the Azores.

We also tailor your deluxe trip to land in Portugal and / or Madeira and the Azores according to your own wishes.


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