NOTE! Due to the unrest and the political situation in Myanmar (Burma), we are unfortunately forced to put our otherwise popular trips to Myanmar on hold indefinitely. Although the prospects for stability in the country do not look promising at this time, we send many warm-hearted thoughts and wishes to the local people for an imminent restoration to normal conditions in the country again. As soon as you can travel safely to Myanmar again, we will let you know here on the site as well as in our newsletter.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is located in Southeast Asia and borders northeast to China, east to Laos and Thailand and to the northwest towards India and Bangladesh. The country also has a beautiful western coastline facing the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, respectively.

Myanmar, which until recently was cut off from the outside world for several decades, is a great country to travel around and it is precisely this time to experience this exciting and still unspoilt country with the always charming, friendly and welcoming locals.

Myanmar is also known as Suvanabhomi (Golden Land) because of the myriad golden pagodas, stupa and temples. The country offers an abundance of cultural sights and attractions, and the ultimate way to experience Myanmar is by combining a land program with a river cruise on the idyllic rivers of Ayeyarwaddy or Chindwin.

Myanmar is simply filled with soul and warmth, and in short offers a myriad of exciting and unspoiled opportunities, resulting in the vast majority just wanting to go back and forth.

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