The Kingdom of Cambodia, which is part of Southeast Asia, has Thailand, Laos and Vietnam as neighbors, as well as the Siambuction down to the southern part of the country.

Despite Cambodia's long conflicting history, you will be surprised at what incredible warmth, openness and courtesy you will be greeted with by the people as you travel around the country. The majority of the native population in Cambodia are Buddhists, although there are also Muslims, Christian and Catholic people living in the same way, as less animated tribes are found around the country.

Monks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

With Cambodia being a French colony in the period 1863 to 1953, you will find that French culture has clearly set its mark - both in building construction, food and in the population. Besides the always friendly and welcoming population, Cambodia has a lot more to offer.

A shorter Cambodia round trip can also easily be combined with a trip around Vietnam.

GOOD TIP and recommended by the owner of Cruise Inspiration, Monika: The absolute best way to experience Cambodia and its people is by combining a wonderful 4X day river cruise on the Mekong River in Cambodia with a few days stay in the city of Siem Reap, so you too get to see the overriding UNESCO Angkor temple complex located near Siem Reap.

And for it ultimate experience, you should extend the river cruise on the Mekong River to also include the Mekong River in Vietnam and combine the river cruise with a land program :-)

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