On a safari trip in Africa, you will up close experience experience how magnificent nature is

Safari in Africa

Africa is a treasure trove of nature experiences and not least wildlife in the thousands. A safari journey is a sensory journey where you will get so close to the wild animals and feel the excitement of the dramas that take place every day on the savannah. Maybe you are lucky and want to experience a lion flock hunting for food or the eternal migration of millions of wildebeest across the plains for fresh grass.

Staying on the savannah is more luxurious than you think

Part of the experience on a trip in Africa is staying close to the safari experiences. You will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at how high a standard one can experience even in the middle of a national park.
Cruise Inspiration recommends you go on Safari in Botswana and Zambia due to the large wetlands, as well as the fact that the various deluxe camps and lodges are not fenced. This means that you get extra close to the animals - or that they get close to you 😉

Safari activities

When talking about safaris, there are many different types of safari activities. For example in a car, on foot, in a boat / canoe or in a hot air balloon.
A safari is often referred to by the English word "game" followed by drive, walk or cruise. The most common and well-known form of safari activity is game drive.

Game drives are typically run in safari cars such as. open land rovers specially built for the purpose.

All our game drives have experienced local English-speaking safari guides (also called rangers) attached.
Game drives are often run in the early morning hours, and late in the afternoon, as this is where the animals are most active. In some parks there are also "night drives" ie. safari after dark. A large searchlight will then be installed in the car, and you may be lucky to see some of the animals that are only active at night.
Since all trips at Cruise Inspiration are tailored to your own wishes, it is always possible to extend a safari trip by a few days or a week of pure beach holiday.


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