Current information about Coronavirus / Covid-19

Finding information about Corona / Covid-19 can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we understand your concerns well. At Cruise Inspiration we are always ready to help you.
The situation is constantly evolving, so what was right yesterday may not be tomorrow. Quarantine rules and cancellation policies may differ from destination to destination, from airline to airline and from shipping company to shipping company.

The most important thing is the safety of our travelers, and at Cruise Inspiration we follow all guidelines from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other official authorities.

Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions. Both for you who have already booked a trip and for you who dream of getting out and traveling.

Green, yellow and orange countries, what does it mean?
On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website, you will find current travel guides and under each country you can read whether it is not advisable to travel there or not. Travel to a country can be discouraged due to a high risk of Covid-19 infection, but can also be due to complicated entry conditions, requirements for quarantine etc.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has divided countries into 4 color categories:

GREEN: Pay attention
YELLOW: Be extra careful
ORANGE: All unnecessary travel is not recommended
RED: All travel here is not recommended

You can travel to countries marked "green" or "yellow" as usual. And if you want to travel to a destination that is "orange", in many cases this is also possible. In that case, however, we recommend that you examine your insurance conditions carefully. You must pay special attention to how you are positioned in the event of any. quarantine, test requirements and if you become ill with Covid-19.

As a rule, you should always avoid traveling to "red" countries.

As a traveler, you are responsible for making sure that you meet all the necessary requirements for entry to your destination. You should therefore find out about local restrictions prior to your trip, eg via the Danish embassies. read more on Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How am I positioned if I book a trip now? 
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guides are - as the saying goes - guides. However, these are crucial for how you are covered when, for example, canceling the trip.

If you book a trip to a destination which at the time of booking is "yellow" in UM´'s travel guides, and the destination later changes color to "orange", then you are entitled to a refund of your money. Exactly the trip can be canceled if there is less than 14 days to the departure date.

If you book a trip to a destination that is "orange" at the time of booking due to the Covid-19 situation, please be aware that you can not cancel the trip free of charge if the destination is still "orange" when you travel. The Package Travel Act §9, para. 3, abolishes the right to fee-free cancellation if the reason is circumstances that were known at the time of ordering. And Covid-19 is today considered to be common knowledge.

If you book your trip while the destination is "orange", which later changes to "yellow", this means that UM no longer advises against traveling there. In that case, it will be the general cancellation policy that applies if you wish to cancel your trip.

My package trip has been canceled as a result of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel instructions, so when will I get my money back?
If the trip is booked at a time when the destination was "green" or "yellow", you are entitled to a refund if the color changes to "orange" or "red" and there are less than 14 days to departure. .

If the trip was booked at a time when the destination was "orange" or "red", you are basically not entitled to a refund of your money. However, your trip may be covered by our more lenient cancellation policy, which may appear on your order confirmation.

If you are entitled to a refund, the Package Travel Act states that the amount must be paid out 14 days from the time of cancellation. We try to comply with this as far as possible, but can not rule out that in some periods it may take 1-2 extra weeks before you receive your money.

I would like to cancel my trip, can I?
You can always cancel your trip, but whether you can cancel free of charge depends on the situation. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling, you are in principle entitled to get all your money back if there are less than 14 days to leave.

If you wish to cancel a trip that is outside the period in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel, cancellation will be made in accordance with the usual cancellation policy.

Do I have to wear a bandage when I travel?
Yes, until further notice, all air passengers from the age of 6 and up must wear bandages at Danish airports as well as at most international airports. The vast majority of airlines also require that a bandage be worn while on board the aircraft. For more information, please refer to Copenhagen Airport's website as well as the airlines' websites.

There may also be requirements to wear a sanitary napkin in certain places at your destination and other rules in general. You should therefore familiarize yourself well with the local rules of the destination prior to your trip. Read more information at Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When can I expect to hear from you regarding my upcoming trip?
We will contact you if your trip is affected by this extraordinary Covid-19 situation. We prioritize the most acute cases first, ie. in date order according to departure time. If you only leave in 14 days or more, it may take some time before you hear from us. You do not need to contact us even if you are worried or have questions. We have an overview of all our traveling guests, and will contact anyone whose trip may be affected by the Covid-19 situation.

How am I doing if Cruise Inspiration goes bankrupt?
At Cruise Inspiration, we have an expectation of sending our guests out into the world for the next many years - even after this Corona / Covid-19 crisis.

As we are a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund, you should not worry as you will be covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund. This applies both before and during a package tour. On the Travel Guarantee Fund's website you can read more about how you are covered: https://www.rejsegarantifonden.dk/ved-konkurs/

I would like to know more about Corona / Covid-19, what do I do?
We refer to the National Board of Health, which has set up a special hotline regarding coronavirus / COVID-19. You can call 72 22 74 59 daily between 8.30-15.30. Also see Coronasmitte.dk, which is the authorities' common website regarding Corona.

For further information at. COVID-19 is referred to

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The National Board of Health

Re-Open EU

Statens Serum Institut


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