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Are you also looking for deluxe trips to unique destinations, where you get travel experiences beyond the usual home of mental luggage?

There is a world of travel opportunities both on water and on land on our deluxe trips. However, the ultimate deluxe journeys will undoubtedly be combined with both types of travel!

Take advantage of many years of professional cruise and travel industry experience at Cruise Inspiration, and make your travel dreams a reality! With you in focus, Cruise Inspiration tailors your deluxe trips to water and on land in the world's 7 continents - of course, according to your own wishes.

And as a natural part of our personal service, we offer to visit customer visits with you privately and also in companies / associations, as we also arrange tailor-made group travel.

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Smaller ships - greater experiences!

With Azamara Club Cruises out in the world

Azamara Club Cruises 3 ships sail in Europe, Asia, Australia / New Zealand and Alaska. With only 690 guests, the ships can call the smaller ports around the world, and often stay in port until late night or overnight in a port!

SeaDream Yacht Club in the Mediterranean and Caribbean

"It's yachting, not cruising - Enjoy the difference"! Sailing on SeaDreams Yacht Club's 2 ships is the same indulgence as on a private yacht - but at a reasonable price!

With Silversea to the world's 7 continents

Silversea sails virtually all over the world and offers more than 900 different destinations. Silversea's ships are often in selected ports overnight and the following day, so you get extra benefits from the destinations.

Windstar Cruises in relaxed yacht style

Windstar Cruises lovely ships sail among other things. in French Polynesia, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Southeast Asia, Alaska and the Mediterranean. Due to the size of the ships, the charming smaller ports around the world are often called on!

With Ama Waterways on the highways

Ama Waterways is one of the main pioneers of river cruises. You can eg experience the romantic European rivers, the Chobe River in Botswana and the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia on Ama Waterway's atmospheric ships.

With Pandaw Expeditions in Southeast Asia

River cruises in Southeast Asia with Pandaw Expeditions are almost a must. Here you get a unique chance to visit small local villages that can only be visited by the waterway. You are guaranteed an 'off-the-beaten-track' experience for life.

With Sanctuary Retreats in Asia and Egypt

Sanctuary Retreats' lovely luxurious river cruise ships are best referred to as floating boutique hotels, and sail on the exotic rivers of Myanmar, China and Egypt.


(Just a selection)

Botswana - an unspoilt safari country

Take a safari in some of the still unspoiled African countries such as Botswana - can also be combined with a fantastic cruise to a selection of African countries.

Historic Cambodia

A beautiful and still unspoiled travel land with lots of history, preserved traditions and culture. The ultimate travel experience is achieved by combining a country program with a river cruise.

Costa Rica - a dream for nature lovers

Costa Rica offers abundant wildlife, lush rainforests, beautiful unspoilt beaches and plenty of cultural experiences. Take a tailor-made tour that can also be combined with a Costa Rica cruise.

Indescribably beautiful French Polynesia

The ultimate French Polynesia with the many dreamy islands is best experienced by combining a cruise with a country program before or after the cruise.

Myanmar (Burma) - The Golden Land

Take on an unforgettable tour of Myanmar for example. Bagan, Mandalay and the Dreamy Inle Lake. For the ultimate experience, combine the round trip with a river cruise.

Vietnam - a beautiful gem in Southeast Asia

Vietnam has it all - lush forests and mountains, beautiful rivers, idyllic beaches, historic metropolitan areas and a beautiful population. Here you can combine a round trip with a river cruise.

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With us you get lots of wonderful inspiration for your next trip, such as. is based on our own personal as well as professionally oriented travel experiences in most of the world - right from Europe and out to the other 6 continents in the world.

The best part about it all is that we make life even easier for you! We tailor your deluxe travels down to the smallest details. In your busy life, in return, you avoid many unnecessary hours of research on the web, as well as the risk of being misled. In other words, you can safely sit back and have your next trip arranged entirely according to your own wishes and needs - og Please note incl. a good bottle of wine from Cruise Inspiration to celebrate with 🙂Read more

As if this were not enough, we also offer to visit customer visits at your home or in your company. We can then together calmly review your specific travel wishes, after which we make it all into a higher unity højere

Here on the Cruise Inspiration website you will be introduced to some of our own favorite shipping lines and sailing routes, as well as some of our own favorite destinations. However, we have many more 'must see & do' sailing routes and destinations to offer! Thus, more and more specially selected shipping companies and destinations will be added here on our site. Remember to regularly click in and keep yourself updated et

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